Report Card for America’s Infrastructure

A Look Back: One Year With the 2017 Infrastructure Report Card

The 2017 Infrastructure Report Card celebrates its one-year anniversary today. Referenced by champions of infrastructure investment across the nation, the Report Card reminds us that with long-term investment, smart leadership, and preparation for the future, our nation’s D+ infrastructure problems are solvable. Since its release at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. last March, the 2017......

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Welcome to the New

In conjunction with the release of the 2017 grades, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is relaunching We invite you to explore all the new site has to offer, including an overview of the 16 infrastructure categories and ASCE’s solutions for how to raise the national grade. The site showcases the 2017 Report......

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Can you hold your own on our infrastructure quiz? Let’s find out!

“Test your Infrastructure I.Q.” is a quiz to help you learn more about our nation’s infrastructure. The quiz is a fun, interactive tool and covers 16 categories of American infrastructure: energy, schools, public parks & recreation, transit, roads, rail, ports, inland waterways, bridges, aviation, wastewater, solid waste, levees, hazardous waste, drinking water and dams. If you......

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We’re Telling You First — the Save America’s Infrastructure App Is Here!

While around these parts it’s infrastructure 24/7/365, national Infrastructure Week now in its third year is a great opportunity to highlight the importance of infrastructure to the economy and the great strides being made to prioritize investment and renewal into our roads, bridges, ports, water pipes and other infrastructure. As part of Infrastructure Week, today......

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2013 report card for America

San Francisco Strengthens Water Pipelines Against Earthquake Vulnerabilities

With a D+ cumulative grade for our nation’s infrastructure and the federal Highway Trust Funding heading toward a fiscal cliff in May 2015, the great infrastructure innovations happening around the country are often overlooked. The recently updated 2013 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure highlights 20 new successful projects and initiatives that each improve our nation’s......

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ASCE Past President Flies Over Pittsburgh on 60 Minutes

ASCE Past President Andy Herrmann flew over the “city of bridges” with 60 Minutes’ Steve Kroft to highlight America’s aging bridges in a segment that aired Sunday, Nov. 23. Falling apart: America’s neglected infrastructure Herrmann was among several experts interviewed for the piece, including former Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood and Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR).......

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This Week in Infrastructure: Thankful for Ramped-Up Media Interest in Infrastructure Renewal

With holiday travel underway and harsh weather already arriving in some regions, the state of our nation’s highways will become even more apparent as thousands of Americans take to the roads to visit family and friends during the Thanksgiving holiday.  However, our current D+ in infrastructure and lack of sufficient funding for the Highway Trust......

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ASCE Past President Andy Herrmann To Talk Infrastructure with 60 Minutes

This Sunday, Nov. 23, ASCE Past President Andrew W. Herrmann, P.E. SECB, F.ASCE, will discuss the state of our nation’s bridges during primetime TV on CBS’ 60 Minutes via a helicopter tour of Pittsburgh. 60 Minutes Video – The roads and bridges Americans drive on every day are in dire need of repair or replacement......

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asce dire state rusty car

Aging Hudson Symbolizes America’s Infrastructure

Winding up the final leg of his cross country Dire States tour, Dan McNichol made a stop at ASCE headquarters in his vintage Hudson today. Dan’s been on the road since last October sharing the message of America’s aging infrastructure. His 1949 Hudson (nicknamed Mrs. Martin after the original owner) is the perfect metaphor to......

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