Welcome to the New InfrastructureReportCard.org


In conjunction with the release of the 2017 grades, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is relaunching InfrastructureReportCard.org. We invite you to explore all the new site has to offer, including an overview of the 16 infrastructure categories and ASCE’s solutions for how to raise the national grade.

The site showcases the 2017 Report Card, including the overall D+ grade, as well as individual category grades that are used to calculate America’s GPA. The site also emphasizes ASCE’s solutions for how to improve the state of American infrastructure.

After exploring the grades, take action! The site makes it easy to email or tweet the grades directly to elected officials.

In addition to the national grades, you can also explore state-by-state information.

Enjoy the new grades and analysis. Share it via the Take Action functions. And visit back often, because additional content is on its way!

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