american society of civil engineersThe American Society of Civil Engineers, founded in 1852, is the country’s oldest national engineering organization. It represents more than 160,000 civil engineers in private practice, government, industry, and academia who are dedicated to advancing the science and profession of civil engineering.

ASCE and its members have long advocated for the care of the nation’s infrastructure. Since 1998, ASCE has issued the Report Card for America’s Infrastructure and beginning in 2001, the Report Card has been released every four years. Using a simple A to F school report card format, the 2021 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure examines current infrastructure conditions and needs, assigns grades, and makes recommendations for how to improve in 17 categories of infrastructure.

ASCE’s sections prepare State Infrastructure Report Cards on a rolling basis to take a more localized look at American infrastructure. State Infrastructure Report Cards follow the methodology of the National Report Card.

In addition to the Report Card, ASCE also releases periodic policy reports on infrastructure issues, most notably on the economic impact of infrastructure underinvestment in its Failure to Act series.