Election Results Signify Shift in Americans’ Willingness to Invest in Infrastructure

In light of the recent elections, infrastructure investment has now moved from a topic of discussion into a plan for action in many states. With the nation’s pressing infrastructure needs and limited federal funds available, ASCE is pleased that many states are finding creative ways to pay for infrastructure improvements through other means. With six......

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Big Wins for Infrastructure on Election Day

Leading up to yesterday’s election ASCE brought you information on many statewide ballot measures. ASCE staff worked with our dedicated members on the ground in California, Hawaii, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Texas, and Wisconsin.  The issues being put to the test ranged from roads to water and addressed improvements to aging structures, compliance with......

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Enhance Rhode Island’s Mass Transit Systems — Vote “Yes” on Question 6

Support improved mobility and a reduction in road congestion by voting to “approve” Question 6 on November 4th. Rhode Island voters will be asked to invest in transit improvements to make travel, and commuting, easier.  Passing this measure will allow the State of Rhode Island to issue bonds and notes to fund enhancements and renovations......

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Vote “Yes” to Invest in a Louisiana Infrastructure Bank

Amend the Louisiana State Constitution on November 4 to allow the legislature to designate public funds for eligible transportation projects. This is a critical step towards establishing the Louisiana Infrastructure Bank as it creates a mechanism to allocate funds that will provide the state with safer roads and stimulate local economies. A “yes” vote on......

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Vote “For” Question 1!: Protect Maryland’s Transportation Trust Fund

Wisconsin voters aren’t the only ones who will be asked to decide how the state can spend its transportation dollars. On November 4, Maryland voters will also head to the polls to address this very issue. Question 1 will appear on the ballot statewide and if passed, will ensure that revenue allocated to the Transportation......

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Protect Wisconsin’s Transportation Trust Fund — Vote “Yes” on Question 1!

On November 4, Wisconsin voters will be asked to decide how the state can spend its transportation dollars. Question 1 will appear on the ballot statewide and if passed, will ensure that revenue allocated to the Transportation Trust Fund will not get transferred in to the state’s general fund. A vote “for” will ensure a......

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Hawaii Votes on Funding Dam and Reservoir Repairs

On November 4, Hawaii voters will decide whether “special purpose revenue bonds” will be sold as a means of generating financial assistance to dam and reservoir owners to aid in improvements or maintenance to ensure compliance with safety standards. Amendment 5, a constitutional amendment, will read as follows: “Shall the State be authorized to issue......

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California Proposition 1 Invests in Water Infrastructure

Proposition 1 is a statewide ballot measure that will provide a dedicated source of funding to California’s water supply infrastructure.  This includes much needed public water system improvements, surface and groundwater storage, drinking water protection, recycling and advanced water treatment technology among other eligible projects. California is the midst of a severe, multi-year drought and......

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Say “No” to Aging Infrastructure Massachusetts: Vote “No” on Question 1!

A statewide ballot question that would eliminate gas tax indexing will appear on the November ballot. The passage of Question 1 would be a step backward for the state, causing roads and bridges to fall into further disrepair. The Boston Society of Civil Engineers Section has endorsed the Committee for Safer Roads and Bridges campaign......

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