Vote “Yes” to Invest in a Louisiana Infrastructure Bank


Amend the Louisiana State Constitution on November 4 to allow the legislature to designate public funds for eligible transportation projects. This is a critical step towards establishing the Louisiana Infrastructure Bank as it creates a mechanism to allocate funds that will provide the state with safer roads and stimulate local economies.

A “yes” vote on Amendment 4 will authorize the allocation of state funds to an infrastructure bank for eligible transportation projects and prompt the state legislature to take necessary steps toward the Bank’s creation. Louisiana has a severely underfunded infrastructure which has resulted in deteriorating roads and unsafe driving conditions for its residents. While this amendment would not create the infrastructure bank itself, it is the initial step toward improving road conditions.

A vote in support of the infrastructure bank will ensure funds are available to improve road conditions throughout the state. When casting your vote on November 4, remember this:

✓ The current fuel tax is not keeping up with the growing costs of maintaining Louisiana’s roads.
✓ Louisiana needs a dedicated revenue stream to improve current conditions.
✓ The measure will allow the state to fund transportation project without increasing taxes or fees.
✓ Investing in infrastructure projects creates jobs and stimulates the local economy.

ASCE supports the creation and operation of a state infrastructure banks. Such a bank would leverage public funds and private dollars to invest in infrastructure – transportation, water resources, environment, energy, telecommunications, and public facilities projects.

The Louisiana Section of ASCE is also supportive of Amendment 4. To help Louisiana take a step in the right direction the Section has pledged their support of the “4 for the Roads” campaign. “4 for the Roads” is a movement to educate Louisiana citizens of the importance of passing Constitutional Amendment 4. Organizations driving the campaign include engineering societies, transportation associations and contractor groups.

The time is now to establish a funding source to ease traffic congestion and repair the state’s roads and bridges. Vote “yes” on November 4!

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