solar panels

First Gas-Hydrogen Power Plant in the U.S. Makes Waves in Ohio

The 485-MW Long Ridge Energy Terminal combined cycle power plant has transitioned to running on carbon-free hydrogen by way of blending hydrogen in the gas stream, allowing the plant to burn 100% green hydrogen over the next decade. This is the first hydrogen-burning power plant in the U.S. and the first that blends hydrogen in......

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stanwood bus

Autonomous shuttle service increases equity in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, OH has set out to be America’s first major “smart city,” with several noteworthy programs making its case. One such program is the city’s Smart Circuit self-driving shuttle bus, a free service which covers a downtown route (the Scioto Mile) and a route in the Linden neighborhood in northeastern Columbus. The Linden route serves......

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bridge at night

Jointless Construction

The Federal Highway Administration worked with officials in Defiance County, Ohio, on a form of accelerated bridge construction that uses geosynthetic-reinforced soil. Rather than drilling a deep foundation, the reinforced soil method builds up the substructure in a faster, simpler way, described as akin to building a layer cake. For this type of bridge, there......

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highway: states increase gas tax

Bus Rapid Transit Brings Investment

Cleveland’s HealthLine, a BRT project completed on Cleveland’s Euclid Avenue in 2008, has generated $6.3 billion in development – $126 for each transit dollar invested. The HealthLine route runs 7.1 miles from Downtown to East Cleveland, connecting the city’s cultural and educational institutions, medical and business centers, and retail stores. It has 36 stations to......

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Dredging P3

Altogether, the 140 harbors and channels that comprise the Great Lakes are the fourth largest economic zone in North America. The Great Lakes are also the largest freshwater system in the world. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) has the responsibility to operate and maintain these harbors and channels, but turned to a P3......

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