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Autonomous shuttle service increases equity in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, OH has set out to be America’s first major “smart city,” with several noteworthy programs making its case. One such program is the city’s Smart Circuit self-driving shuttle bus, a free service which covers a downtown route (the Scioto Mile) and a route in the Linden neighborhood in northeastern Columbus. The Linden route serves as a first mile/last-mile solution for residents to reach important resources, such as St. Stephens Community House, Douglas Community Recreation Center, and Liden Transit Center. The vehicle seats 15-passengers and can serve up to 90 passengers per hour. The city’s Scioto Mile route was one of the first of its kind when it was unveiled in 2018, and the more recent Linden Mile route opens the door for more neighborhood environment autonomous shuttles, providing greater access to goods and services for residents at no cost.

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Photo courtesy of Smart Columbus.

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