Industry experts urge legislators to “stay the course” on funding, and leverage infrastructure investment opportunities

Landmark federal infrastructure legislation is reducing costs for American households and businesses and drawing more private investment interest into the U.S. market, according to new reports from industry experts. However, increasingly severe weather events, unpredictable travel patterns, an uptick in energy demand, and shifts in carbon emission policies pose challenges to covering the full scope......

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KY Gov. Andy Beshear Celebrates Mountain Parkway Expansion at Engineering & Public Works Roadshow Event

On Monday, January 29th, the Engineering & Public Works Roadshow series made its fourth stop, this time in Frankfort, Kentucky, in conjunction with Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear celebrating the state’s Mountain Parkway Expansion project. The Roadshow commended the program’s collaborative legislative efforts from federal and state partners to connect Eastern Kentucky residents with the rest......

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michigan infrastructure grade

Michigan Civil Engineers Give the State’s Infrastructure a “C-” grade

On Monday May 8th, the Michigan Section of ASCE released the 2023 Report Card for Michigan’s Infrastructure in Lansing, MI. The report included 14 infrastructure categories, which received a cumulative grade of “C-“, the same as the national infrastructure report card. This grade is an upgrade for Michigan, which received a “D+” in the 2018......

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Alabama’s Infrastructure Receives a “C-” Grade for the Second Time

On Thursday, March 31, the Alabama Section of ASCE unveiled its 2022 Report Card for Alabama’s Infrastructure, the state’s first report card since 2015. The report assigned the state’s systems a cumulative grade of “C-”, which is on par with the national grade of “C-“ and the same grade the state received in its 2015......

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