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Louisiana Saves Big with Levee Inspection System Overhaul

An outdated, non-functioning legacy software system made overseeing Louisiana’s flood protection infrastructure, which requires regular inspections and monitoring to prevent flood damage and risk, difficult and costly.

In response, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development discarded the legacy program, which cost approximately $18,000 a year, in favor of a new mobile system to more efficiently and cost-effectively manage the inspection and reporting process for levees in the state. The new software utilizes a much lower annual subscription than the prior software, resulting in major annual savings. Further, inspectors in the field are able to access the new program with Android tablets, which only cost about $200 each. In addition to the cost savings, the new system offers customizable forms to enhance the reporting process, and a code system that correlates to common issues and suggested solutions identified during field inspections. This adaptation cuts down on inspection times, standardizes communications and helps prevent human error.

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