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Assisting Illinois Rural Communities with Water and Broadband Two-For-One

Rural areas often have difficulty accessing the same services as suburban and urban communities. Accessibility to broadband services and clean drinking water are two of the greatest concerns for these underserved communities. One state found an innovative solution for this problem.

To combat the issue of access, Illinois nonprofit and water utility EJ Water Cooperative joined Illinois Fiber Connect for a first-of-its-kind initiative that runs fiber alongside water pipelines in the same trench. This reduces costs for telecom installation by two-thirds, and the syncing of these utilities allows for smart meters to provide live data. 

Not only does this project improve efficiency, increase knowledge of system conditions, and provide access to reliable internet and drinking water to areas in need, but it also saves residents money.

Read more about helping underserved communities and improving rural infrastructure here:

Photo Credit: Illinois Fiber Connect.

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