#GameChangers: Innovative Infrastructure Solutions

Think Big. Build Smart.

ASCE has combed through successful infrastructure solutions across the major sectors to identify the most innovative #GameChangers. From Massachusetts to North Dakota to Oregon, private and public organizations are paving the way for the future. What we found was inspiring, and we are so excited to share these innovative infrastructure solutions with you.

Below, you can see how L.A. is improving its port operations with a digitized shipping program, how Michigan and Missouri are utilizing modern technology to inspect their underwater infrastructure, how Maine is using geothermal energy to reduce costs and emissions, and how a startup in Georgia is using drones to clean the water supply. Imagine what more we could do if we seize the opportunity to replicate these cutting-edge, engineering breakthroughs.

Discover American Infrastructure Solutions

We have pages and pages of stories about how innovative infrastructure solutions are changing the game. Browse the articles below, which you can filter by category or state, or use our interactive map to find the #GameChangers infrastructure innovation that interests you.

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Kentucky Sewage Project Enhances Community

Louisville, Kentucky

water treatment workers

Inland Waterways, Wastewater

Fighting Phosphorus with a Watershed Approach

Madison, Wisconsin



From Wastewater to Wetlands

New Orleans, Louisiana



More Cooperation, Less Runoff

Prince George County, MD

water treatment workers

Drinking Water, Wastewater

Reclaiming a Prized Asset

Chicago, IL

Drinking Water, Wastewater

Crafting Wastewater into Beer

Portland, OR


Build a Customer Base for Recycled Water

Los Angeles, CA

solar panels

Energy, Wastewater

Reuse Your City’s Waste

Philadelphia, PA

sewer cover

Energy, Wastewater

Energize Your Wastewater

Washington, DC

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