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ASCE has combed through successful solutions across the major infrastructure sectors to identify the most innovative #GameChangers. Imagine what more we could do if we seize the opportunity to replicate these engineering innovations. Are you ready for tomorrow’s infrastructure?

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inland waterway

Inland Waterways

Startup Uses Drone for Cleaning Water, Collecting Data


Inland Waterways, Levees

Radars Watching Over Mississippi’s Aging Levees

Mississippi State, Mississippi

water treatment workers

Inland Waterways, Wastewater

Fighting Phosphorus with a Watershed Approach

Madison, Wisconsin

inland waterway

Inland Waterways

Handy Companion for a Trip on the Inland Waterways

Pickwick Lock in Tennessee

inland waterway

Inland Waterways

Corps Management of Columbia Snake River Maintenance

Columbia Snake River

Inland Waterways

Dredging P3

The Great Lakes

inland waterway

Inland Waterways

Public-Private Partnerships Strengthen Inland Waterways

Quincy, IL

Inland Waterways, Ports

Handling Increased Cargo with Containers on Barge

Baton Rouge, LA

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