Safe Roads Amendment Protects Illinois Transportation Dollars


The “Safe Roads Amendment” is a statewide ballot measure that asks voters to decided how the state can spend its transportation dollars. More specifically, this measure will protect transportation revenue (like the gas tax, tolls, licenses and vehicle registration fees) from being diverted to non-transportation projects.

Illinois is following in the footsteps of its neighbor Wisconsin, who along with Maryland, passed a similar measure to protect its transportation revenue in 2014.  Nearly $6.8 billion has been diverted from the state’s Road Fund over the last 13 years. These are critical dollars that can be used to maintain or improve our roads to ensure public safe and ease of mobility for goods and services throughout the state.

A vote “for” provides a reliable source of transportation funding without the creation of new taxes, tolls or user fees. When going to the polls on November 4, remember this:

  • A “lock box” will be created ensuring funds will only be able to be used for transportation related purposes.
  • You will prevent further raiding of the state’s transportation dollars.
  • The measure will have no effect on current or future tax rates or spending levels.
  • Ensuring funds are available for construction and maintenance of state and local roads will help reduce congestion, improve safety and reliability, create jobs, and boost the state’s economy.

Help push the Safe Roads Amendment over the 60% approval threshold it needs to become law.  Go to the polls on November 8 and vote “for” to ensure that revenue raised by the gas tax is put back into Illinois roads and bridges.

When you head to the polls on November 8, remember to cast a “for” vote on the Safe Roads Amendment.

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