President-Elect’s Infrastructure Plan Gets Media Attention


For 18 months leading up to the presidential election, infrastructure notably was the policy issue that both candidates agreed on. The issue is one that the Washington Post even cited in a plea for a substantive campaign season, and story after story highlighted the bipartisan issue.

It’s two weeks past Election Day, and the dust is starting to settle on how the new administration is taking shape, and what its priorities will in the First 100 Days. Infrastructure remains among the most discussed issues, as President-Elect Trump mentioned it specifically in his acceptance speech.

There’s been significant media coverage on infrastructure and what has been said and is known about the Trump Infrastructure Plan. Here are a few articles and opinion pieces on what’s next for infrastructure policy under the 45th president:

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With House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi indicating this could be an area of bipartisan agreement, 2017 might be the year of infrastructure investment. There’s a $1.6 trillion investment gap, so passing a bill that strategically improves our nation’s infrastructure without supplanting current funding would be a welcome change to raise our infrastructure grades.

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