Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority Up For Renewal on November 6th


On November 6th, our country will face many difficult decisions about its future. However, one issue in Colorado Springs, CO is not difficult whatsoever: the

renewal of the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA). Question 5A asks voters in El Paso County, Colorado to approve the extension of the PPRTA, a one percent tax to improve roads and bridges. The initiative is not a tax increase, but rather a continuation of an already successful program.

Currently, the PPRTA funds the construction and maintenance of area road projects. In fact, the Colorado Springs Independent argues “the accomplishments of PPRTA I were huge,” and “the projects now are equally vital, taking care of major needs to existing infrastructure, and improving roads and bridges that our governments no longer have the wherewithal to address.”

Civil engineers have taken to supporting the PPRTA. ASCE is releasing the 2012 Report Card for Colorado Springs Infrastructure this coming Wednesday. In the report, local civil engineers examine the needs of El Paso County and how and why PPRTA is vital for continued infrastructure improvements.

So on November 6th, please remember that transportation infrastructure allows us to go to work in the morning, get our children to school safely, and connect to businesses all over the world.

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