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Link to Post:">President Biden Releases FY22 ‘Skinny Budget’

President Biden Releases FY22 ‘Skinny Budget’

Last Friday the White House sent Congress its initial $1.5 trillion budget request for discretionary appropriations in fiscal year (FY) 2022. Known as the ‘skinny budget,’ the document provides the first glimpse of President Biden’s spending priorities. The 58- page budget request is the first since 2013 that is not tied to spending caps, which......

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Dams and Levees: The Check Engine Light is On

Guest Blog Post by Del Shannon, PE, M.ASCE The grades are in again, and to those of us who care and worry and fret about our country’s infrastructure it’s easy to wince as we scroll through the letters. Mostly C’s and D’s with a couple of B’s, but not an A in sight. The overall......

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ASCE Lends Expertise to Policy Recommendations on Improving State Disaster Response

The National Conference of State Legislatures’ (NCSL) Public Private Partnership on Disaster Mitigation and Recovery published a series of policy recommendations this month. The partnership, of which ASCE belongs, was convened in response to the devastating 2017 disaster season and is comprised of state legislators, staff, and private sector partners. The report, “Natural Disaster State......

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Link to Post:">President Biden Unveils Infrastructure Plan

President Biden Unveils Infrastructure Plan

President Biden has unveiled his long-awaited infrastructure plan, calling on what he describes as a generational investment in our nation’s most critical assets and the largest infrastructure package that this country has seen in over five decades. The $2.2 trillion, eight-year, American Jobs Plan will go a long way to ensure that our nation’s infrastructure......

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Link to Post:">Resilience Takes Center Stage in Congress

Resilience Takes Center Stage in Congress

Now that Congress has passed the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill, President Joe Biden and lawmakers are laying the groundwork for another top legislative priority — a long-sought after boost to the nation’s roads, bridges, and other infrastructure. With COVID-19 relief done Congress has begun a series of hearings on sustainable and resilient infrastructure, a......

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Link to Post:">ASCE Unveils Newest Infrastructure Gamechangers

ASCE Unveils Newest Infrastructure Gamechangers

It’s easy to dwell on negativity, particularly in regards to infrastructure trends. The increasing funding gap, potholes and deteriorating bridges, power outages – the list seems overwhelming. But engineers don’t dwell on these problems – they offer solutions. To celebrate innovation in the engineering field, the ASCE just designated 13 new Infrastructure Gamechangers—groundbreaking infrastructure projects......

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Link to Post:">Congress Passes COVID-19 Relief Package

Congress Passes COVID-19 Relief Package

This week Congress passed the American Rescue Plan – a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package which provides critical relief across the economy and our nation’s infrastructure. This legislation is President Biden’s first legislative victory and the third round of federal COVID-19 relief. Following the budget reconciliation process the original version of the relief package passed......

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Now is the Time for Strong Infrastructure Investment  

Guest Post by John Barton, PE, Senior Vice President, HNTB We can do better Infrastructure investment is needed now. Clearly the last 15 months have taught us the urgency of why now is the time. The lack of spending on infrastructure has been devasting. Blackouts in Texas. Wildfires in California, Oregon and Colorado. The alphabetical......

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ASCE 2021 Infrastructure Report Card Gives U.S. ‘C-‘ Grade

The American Society of Civil Engineers unveiled their 2021 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure on Wednesday, March 3. The nation earned a ‘C-’, up from 2017’s cumulative GPA of ‘D+’. This is the first time since ASCE began issuing the report card that the nation’s infrastructure has received a GPA outside of the D range.......

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Link to Post:">Licensure Bills Picking Up Steam in Statehouses

Licensure Bills Picking Up Steam in Statehouses

State legislatures across the country are in full swing and many are turning their attention to how they regulate professional licensure. The licensure reform movement has been active for several years, with its first significant success in 2019 when Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R) signed into law the nation’s first universal recognition bill for licensed......

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