New Report Shows $1 Spent on Parks Means $10 for Local Economies


National Park Report 2014 docs_NPSVSE2012_final_nrss 1The National Park Service has released a new report showing the impact of parks on local economies.

Here a few of the top level findings of the report:

  • In 2012, the nation’s 401 parks attracted more than 280 million visitors.
  • National parks generated more than $26 billion in economic activity in 2012; visitors spend on hotels, convenience stores, outfitters and other businesses
  • Secondary effects, like employees spending money at local businesses, brought in an additional $15.4 billion
  • Every $1 from Congress results in $10 of economic activity
  • Estimates now reach $11 billion for the nation’s parks maintenance backlog
  • Of the 50 states, California’s parks brought in the most visitor spending – $1.5 billion

Read the full report here.


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