Join ASCE for Infrastructure Week 2023 – #InfrastructureWorks


ASCE Panel: Evolving Needs for the Infrastructure Workforce

On May 15th, ASCE will lead a panel discussion on infrastructure workforce solutions with other industry experts. This event correlates with the theme of Infrastructure Week 2023: #InfrastructureWorks.

About Infrastructure Week

Infrastructure Week takes place in Washington, D.C. every May. In fact, for over a decade, industry advocates and practitioners, including ASCE, have organized this week-long series to spotlight the role infrastructure plays in supporting our economy and our quality of life.

Key to this year’s focus and discussions is the continued implementation of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Almost $200 billion has already been announced, so you can expect highlights throughout the week of projects and jobs created as a result of federal and state investments.

Infrastructure Week is spearheaded by Accelerator for Action America – a bipartisan organization – and its United for Infrastructure program

The program’s Steering Committee, of which ASCE is a part, organizes the event and has traditionally convened decision makers and elected officials to  consensus on the need to move our country’s infrastructure forward.

Along with ASCE, other members of the Steering Committee include:

  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • Business Roundtable
  • Value of Water Campaign
  • National League of Cities
  • National Association of Manufacturers
  • North America’s Building Trades Unions
  • TTD
  • Brookings Metro

More About the ASCE Panel

“Evolving Needs for the Infrastructure Workforce” will be broken into two parts: “Recruiting & Retaining Today’s Infrastructure Workforce” and “Growing the Pipeline for the Digital Transformation.”

Speakers will first offer immediate solutions to some of the workforce challenges that the infrastructure industry is facing. On the one hand, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has provided much-needed investment, but on the other hand, both public and private organizations face difficulties with recruiting and retaining the right workers.

Featured speakers include: 

  • Bill Hanson, Senior Vice President, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock – offshore training courses for dredging and marine professionals
  • Tom Curtin, Program Director, National Governors Association – findings from the ASCE/NGA workshop on workforce best practices
  • Michael Connor, Assistant Secretary for the Army, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Moderator – Maria Lehman, President, American Society of Civil Engineers

The second panel will offer suggestions on how to grow the pipeline of qualified workers and ensure they’re ready for future technologies and needs. 

Featured speakers include:

  • Ted Whiton – Executive General Manager, Americas for GHD
  • Alli Scott, Director for Customer Experience and Industry Advocacy, Autodesk
  • Rob Puentes, CEO of the Eno Center for Transportation
  • Moderator – Emily Feenstra, Chief Policy & External Affairs Officer, ASCE

“Evolving Needs for the Infrastructure Workforce” will take place on Monday, May 15th, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. It will be held at ASCE’s Washington, D.C. office at 25 Massachusetts Ave 20001.

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Why Infrastructure Week Is So Important

Infrastructure Week is a singular time when diverse interest groups can come together and have formative discussions about important infrastructure issues, ascertain solutions for present challenges, and construct strategies for the future.

Infrastructure is often something that is not foremost in people’s minds until they are impacted by a lack of sufficient or reliable services like drinking water or electricity. Sustained investment in infrastructure supports resilient economic growth and connects communities. It directly impacts quality of life, safety, productivity, and the mobility of the nation.

To have a week where invested partners, champions, and innovators can meet and tackle the infrastructure issues of the day is imperative for the ongoing health of our families, businesses, and governments.

Please, join us for Infrastructure Week 2023. You can view the full agenda here:

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We hope to see you there!

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