Investments from the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) is beginning to spur improvements in America’s built environment. The IIJA, also known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, has begun to reverse decades of underinvestment in our transportation and water systems.

Bridges In Poor Condition

The number of bridges in poor condition is slowly ticking down across the country.

Bridges received a C grade in the 2021 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure. At that time, estimates showed our bridges needed a 58% annual funding increase to fully reverse declining conditions and bring our bridge stock back to a state of good repair.

Federal investments starting in 2021 have helped reduce that gap and the funding is helping to rehabilitate poor condition bridges nationwide.

Age and Number of Public Transit Vehicles

The average age of vehicles operating on our transit networks is improving. Aging vehicle fleets can translate to higher maintenance costs and worsening reliability.  Meanwhile, the number of vehicles on the road serving customers has also increased slightly since 2021.

Transit earned a D- grade in the 2021 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure. The IIJA provides $90 billion to help address the $176 billion, 10-year transit backlog.

Public transit is essential to everyday living in communities across the country, providing access to jobs, schools, shopping, healthcare, and other services while enabling equitable access and sustainable mobility options.

High Hazard Potential Dams with EAPs

The number of high hazard potential dams with emergency action plans is increasing. A high hazard classification isn’t related to condition, but rather an indication that should a dam fail, it would likely likely cause loss of life.

The 2021 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure gives dams a D and recommended dam owner-operators develop Emergency Action Plans for all High-Hazard Potential dams.

Government funding assisted an increase in facilities with those EAP guidelines, up to 90% in 2022.

Airports: Large Hub Upgrades

The number of large airports across the nation that are benefiting from upgrades and rehabilitations has doubled over the past three years. Specifically, 17 of the country’s 31 large hub airports – facilities that host at least 1% of passenger boardings nationwide – have been upgraded since 2020.

The 2021 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure gave Aviation a D+. The IIJA provides $25 billion for our airports over five years, which will help address the $111 billion 10-year funding gap identified by ASCE.