Head to the Polls and Elect to Fund Infrastructure


This election season ASCE has been monitoring state and local ballot measures across at least five states.  The issues covered include everything from general infrastructure funding to transit to state parks.

Transportation funding is one area that can expect to generate the most new revenue from Tuesday’s elections.  In fact, so far this year 55 transportation funding measures that have already passed are expected to generate $4.258 billion in new revenue.  You can read about these and the votes coming up on November 8 in the September State Funding Initiatives Report issued by the Transportation Investment Advocacy Center. Statewide transportation measures will appear on the ballot in Illinois, Maine, and New Jersey.

We’re also seeing an interest in parks in Alabama. Here voters will be asked to ensure revenue generated at state parks will be dedicated to their preservation and enhancement.  Currently these dollars are able to be diverted into other public accounts which over the years has resulted in a reduction in the total number of state parks.

Meanwhile, in California ASCE is encouraging a “no” vote on Proposition 53. While this bill affects the sale of bonds, it has the potential to impact future infrastructure projects as they are often high ticket items for the states, its counties and cities, and other joint agencies.  A “no” vote here will help ensure that infrastructure projects can be fully funded and efficiently completed.

Whether you’re supporting infrastructure funding, or opposing a measure that will derail the process, November is the time to refocus public officials’ attention on the infrastructure needs by casting your vote. Check back in with us on Wednesday when we provide you with the outcome of your trip to the voting booth. Most importantly, don’t forget to get out and vote!

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