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Tilikum Crossing, Pedestrian and Transit Bridge

Spanning over 1700 feet, Tilikum Crossing is the longest car-free bridge in the US. The bridge connects communities across the Willamette River in Portland. Projects like this improve city connectivity, attract business, and set a national standard for multi-modal infrastructure. To finance the bridge’s construction, multiple sources came together including federal grants, Oregon Lottery revenues,......

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Portland Scooters, Taxation that Supports Transit

Scooters are nearly ubiquitous in most metropolitan U.S. cities. If integrated into a metropolitan area properly, electric scooters can offer a low-cost solution to the “last mile” challenge, a vexing problem where the nearest transit stop is too far away to walk from a final destination. Portland, Oregon recognized the role scooters can play in......

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Crafting Wastewater into Beer

Portland, Oregon, is no stranger to pushing the envelope and pioneering new ideas. One of the latest innovations to surface is from Clean Water Services of Hillsboro, which found a way to turn wastewater into craft beer by partnering with local home brewers. The wastewater goes through an advanced treatment process and the home brewers......

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