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Massachusetts implements nation’s 1st clean peak standard

In August of 2020, the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources announced the launch of its Clean Peak Energy Standard (CPES), the first CPES in the nation. This standard is designed to provide incentives for utilities to use clean energy technologies that supply electricity or reduce demand during seasonal peak demand periods. These incentives come on......

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Massport Prioritizes Sustainability

Massport Port Authority, which owns and operates three airports in the state of Massachusetts, has implemented several sustainability initiatives in recent years. These including building LEED standard terminals, running fleets of alternative fuel busses, and conserving water. At Boston Logan, the airport built 20 wind turbines to offset close to 3 percent of the building’s......

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Alleys that Drink Stormwater Runoff

The city of Boston recently completed a new 508-square-foot “porous alley” that absorbs stormwater and filters it into the ground, rather than allowing it to make its way into the sewer system where it has to be treated. Construction of the alley is part of a larger effort to boost the quality of water in......

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Uber Partners to Help Cities

Uber is helping change the way the world moves – expanding into new markets every month with their technology platform connecting riders with drivers through their apps. When users request a ride, riders are matched with the nearest available driver and the GPS-enabled map provides the driver’s location and trip details in real-time. By sharing......

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