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Small Colorado Town Uses Innovative Water Filtration Design to Save Money

Branson, a small town in southern Colorado, only has 55 residents – with a population so small, infrastructure funding is hard to come by. Colorado tightened its water safety regulations, which proved to be just outside the performance standards Branson’s purification system was capable of. Local company Innovative Water Technologies introduced a filtration design that......

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Waste Free is the Way to Be!

Minimizing waste is better for the environment and offers residual benefits from job creation to money savings. Boulder, Colorado took a bold step, committing to be a Zero Waste community (or “dam near”) by 2025. To jumpstart action, the Boulder City Council adopted stringent requirements for city residents, including requiring all business to separate recyclables......

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Connected Bus and Transit

The Colorado Department of Transportation is leading a project that will bring 18 miles of Bus Rapid Transit service between Downtown Denver and Boulder along U.S. 36. The Flatiron Flyer is the official name of Denver’s Regional Transportation District’s (RTD) new Bus Rapid Transit service that is being added as part of the FasTracks program,......

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Ride, Find, Fix

Defects in railroad tracks caused by use over time or from impurities in the manufacturing process can be largely invisible until an incident. Issues on the rails incapable of being seen by the human eye can develop over time with wear and tear from use. To find solutions to these issues before they strike, new......

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