Arizona’s I-10 Incorporates First-of-its-Kind Dust Detection

Drivers traveling through a 10-mile stretch of Interstate 10 between Phoenix and Tucson are often met with severe dust storms, the result of Arizona’s summer monsoon season. These storms play a significant role in crashes and fatalities. The Arizona Department of Transportation’s (ADOT’s) recently-finished $72 million improvement project looks to aid drivers through these storms......

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STAR School, First Elementary School Completely Solar-Powered

Flagstaff, Arizona is home to STAR School, the first public elementary school in America to be completely dependent on solar power. In addition to solar panels, STAR School also has wind generators and a small propane tank on standby for consecutive cloudy days. The school’s architecture showcases large open windows facing the south and few,......

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natural park

Contact Point State Park

In early 2010, after the Arizona Legislature was forced to cut all general revenue funding for state parks because of recession deficits, Arizona State Parks (ASP) closed 13 parks.  Some communities stepped up to take over management, and in November 2016, Lake Havasu City broke ground on a new park, utilizing a creative public private......

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Slide Into Place

In the Gila River Indian Community south of Phoenix, they employed a “bridge slide,” the first of its kind in Arizona, to place the pre-manufactured sections of bridge in position. It was done with minimal traffic disruptions and shrunk the construction period from four months to nine days. The previous 140-foot bridge was built in......

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