New Game Changers Report Identifies Top Trends Shaping Infrastructure


GC Squares and Title LogoThe challenges our infrastructure faces are chronicled frequently on this blog and in the media. The Highway Trust Fund heading toward insolvency (again). Water main breaks occurring every two minutes. Congested roadways causing us each to lose time and waste gas.

But that’s only half the story. Today, we released our new Infrastructure #GameChangers report, which identifies the top trends in energy, freight, transportation and water that are transforming the way infrastructure is designed, planned, and built.

The communities that chose to make the investment across the country are reaping the benefits, by preparing for tomorrow’s challenges and positioning themselves for economic growth.

Here are some of the trends explored in the report:


  • Ridesharing and transit apps
  • Robotic inspections
  • Bus rapid transit
  • Smart parking systems
  • Accelerated bridge construction


  • LiDAR and drone technology
  • Integrating renewables
  • Preparing for blackouts with resilience


  • Extracting energy from waste
  • Recycled and reclaimed water
  • Desalinated water


  • Public-private partnerships for inland waterways
  • Preparing for the Panama Canal expansion

Check out these and many others at Then be sure to share your favorite on social media using #GameChangers. And if you know of an innovation we’ve missed, tell us about it to include in future updates.

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