FutureStructure – Looking at the Future of Infrastructure and Us


What do we want and need from our infrastructure in a hyper-connected, modern world?  ASCE has partnered with Governing magazine and others to consider what “FutureStructure” means and how we can get there.

The goal of FutureStructure is to help public sector leaders think more like system engineers and get past the constraints of today’s often haphazard and siloed approaches. Last week, ASCE headed to Chicago to join the conversation about this new framework for thinking through and solving the infrastructure challenges and possibilities of an integrated, fully connected, and modern future.

What does a 21st century city- and community-building approach consist of you may ask?

  • cities as systems that are connected, well integrated and smarter — with greater responsiveness to community needs;
  • smart, connected and integrated infrastructure that makes more efficient use of resources and improves the quality of life for the people who use it;
  • new job skills that will be needed to develop, build, deploy and operate these connected systems

Take a look at Governing’s FutureStructure infographic below and weigh in: How do we as infrastructure practitioners take advantage of the possibility of connectivity?

Join the FutureStructure conversation here!

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