Civil Engineers React to President Trump’s Infrastructure Plan


The following is a statement by ASCE President Kristina Swallow, PE, regarding the Trump Administration’s proposed infrastructure plan for our roads, bridges, water systems and other infrastructure assets.

“The American Society of Civil Engineers has been warning of the safety and economic implications of our deteriorating infrastructure for the past 20 years. The Infrastructure Report Card has yet to give an overall grade higher than a ‘D+.’ The Trump Administration’s plan is a solid first step in having a real conversation about solutions for the nation’s aging infrastructure and a path to address our infrastructure investment deficit.

“Now it’s time for Congress to develop a bill that can pass with bipartisan support. If we are going to work on infrastructure, we should do this right and seize the opportunity to modernize our infrastructure and put us on a path for increased economic prosperity. This bill should increase federal investment including a long-term, sustainable fix to the Highway Trust Fund. Congress should not squander this opportunity for the American people, who are currently losing $3,400 a year in disposable income because of our outdated and inadequate infrastructure.”

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