Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework Hits Speed Bump


On Wednesday, a Senate vote on the motion to proceed to the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure framework failed (49-51), as was expected. The procedural vote required 60 votes to open debate on the package, crafted by a group of 22 Senators for months. Luckily, the failed motion to proceed is more of speed bump than a roadblock and ASCE remains cautiously optimistic that the Senate will still move a bipartisan infrastructure bill this summer.

Majority Leader Schumer (D-NY) brought up the vote, even though negotiations are ongoing, causing Republicans to vote down the measure and urge for bill text before debate begins. Senator Schumer opted to move forward with the vote to put pressure on negotiators, as the calendar continues to slip. Therefore, while this vote failed, Congressional sources have indicated that a final agreed upon bill is near as they race against the clock to tie up loose ends on pay-fors and the transit title and Senator Schumer is expected to bring back up the procedural vote as early as Monday. Furthermore, Republican negotiators have publicly stated that once they have bill text, they intend to vote in support of the motion to proceed, meaning a vote early next week should pass and clear the way for the Senate to vote on a final package before the August recess.

However, nothing is certain currently and ASCE strongly urges members to continue to reach out to their Senators in support of the bipartisan framework. The time is now to push to get federal infrastructure legislation over the finish line, and we need your help. As a valued constituent, your voice is critical to the public policy making process and Senators needs to hear how the infrastructure package will impact communities back in their home states.

To guide you in your public mobilization, ASCE created an engagement toolkit which walks you through how to talk action with easy-to-use templates, social media copy, and graphics. The toolkit provides you with all the resources that you need to contact your Senators, as well as how to spread the word to your networks.

The time for engagement has never been more important as Congress is on the precipice to pass an infrastructure package that would address the funding needs across our nation’s infrastructure categories. We cannot let this unique opportunity pass us by and we urge you to lend your support today.

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