Audi’s Take on American Roads


Have you seen the new Audi ad?  Check out what the folks at Foreign Policy’s Passport blog had to say about it.  (And if you haven’t seen it, you can view a clip here as well.)

My take on the new Audi commercial was slightly different – “Yes, let’s spend even more money on avoiding fixing the problems instead of actually fixing them.”

Meaning, we know what it will take to improve the nation’s crumbling roads, bridges and transit systems – larger investments by ALL users, which is pretty much everyone who lives and breathes in the United States.  You either use the systems directly, or use products and services that wouldn’t be available without transportation systems.  See ASCE’s Report Card for America’s Infrastructure, especially our 5 Key Solutions.  Yet, Audi would rather us invest more in their high-tech car that simply lets you avoid the roads that are all used up and in disrepair, rather than investing in fixing those broken-down roads so they would be useable by all vehicles.  Not surprising since their goal is to sell more cars and make more profits.  But the fact that this feature is first on Audi’s list of reasons to buy their luxury car above all the others means they must know this resonates with someone.  This should be a little alarming to anyone who cares about improving our transportation systems.

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