ASCE contributes to legislative success in Wisconsin. Will Virginia be next?


Last week ASCE sent a Key Alert to its members in Wisconsin urging passage of legislation that would allow an amendment to the state constitution to protect transportation funding.  The passed measure, Assembly Joint Resolution (AJR) 2, allows the citizens of Wisconsin to vote on amending the state constitution to protect transportation funds intended for transportation from being “raided” for other uses by the state government.  AJR 2 passed the Wisconsin Assembly earlier this month and this past week on February 20, 2013 the state Senate voted 25-8 to amend the constitution. , a move that This ensures this issue will be decided by the citizens of Wisconsin by referendum in November 2014.  If passed by the voters voters approve a restriction of such spending, the constitution will be amended, protecting Wisconsin’s transportation funds in that state in the future.

Read about the Wisconsin bill here

February 22, ASCE sent a Key Alert to its members that live in Virginia asking them to contact their legislators to support the compromise in favor of multi-year transportation bill that was completed agreed to yesterday.  The 100-member House and 40-member Senate have just days to act on the bill. If it fails to garner 51 votes in the House and 21 in the Senate by the time the legislative session ends this Saturday, February 23, one of Virginia’s most pressing problems will again go unaddressed.

Read about the Virginia bill here

What will happen?  Find out next week!


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