8 Things Worth Knowing About Montana’s C- Infrastructure


Corroded Cast Iron Water Pipe, 75-100 Years Old, Cascade, MT
Source: Great West Engineering, Inc.

Montana’s Water Pipes Could Stretch From Billings to Miami – Roundtrip Montana has approximately 700 public water systems and over 5,300 miles of water distribution and transmission piping, a longer stretch than driving roundtrip from Billings to Miami.

Some Pipes Under Original Montana Plots Might Be Original Too Some of the older and more established communities in Montana have pipes that date back to the late 1800s and early 1900s and much of the pipe has never been replaced. It is not uncommon for the pipelines in originally established areas to have clay tile pipe that has cracked or failed.

Montana’s Rough Roads Are Rough On Budgets 46% of major roads in Montana are in poor to mediocre condition and 40% of gravel roads are in poor or failed condition. These rough roads cost each Montanan approximately $292 to $484 per year in extra maintenance costs depending on their area’s roads.

Montana School Buildings Need Some T.L.C. A bottom-to-top statewide school facilities review revealed that 66% of schools showed signs of damage and wear, as well as environmental needs such as HVAC, roof, and electrical issues.

Old Dams Don’t Necessarily Have to Be Inspected The overall condition of Montana’s dams is difficult to track because 75% do not have periodic engineering inspections and are not required to have operation permits.

Transit Funding Recently Spiked Several agencies benefited from over $15 million in Federal recovery investments in 2009, which essentially doubled short-term transit funding in the state.

Montana’s Trash Ends Up In Less Places Since 1993, significant improvements have occurred within Montana’s solid waste infrastructure and operations, including a reduction from over 300 facilities statewide to just 31.

Replacing Montana’s Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Could Cost More than 500 Bobcat Stadiums Current estimates to completely replace Montana’s entire water and wastewater infrastructure are estimated to range between $12 billion and $15 billion, or in other terms, more than 500 Montana State University’s Bobcat Stadiums.


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