2015 Media Relations Year in Review


Last year, ASCE was mentioned in the media more than 12,900 times in all 50 states and in more than 30 countries around the world, including 27 major print and broadcast media outlets and wire services. ASCE members and staff interviewed on everything from the state of the nation’s infrastructure to fixing the Highway Trust Fund to Game Changers to the impact of natural disasters on infrastructure. Here are some of the major highlights from 2015:

HBO’s Last WJohn Oliver talking about the American Society of Civil Engineers D+ ratingeek Tonight with John Oliver (3/2/15) highlighting the state of the nation’s infrastructure

  • Episode has been viewed more than 5.9 million times on YouTube

 New York Times interview with Greg DiLoreto (6/1/15) about nation’s aging water infrastructure

Katie Couric story on Yahoo (5/18/15) spotlighting ASCE’s Report Card and nation’s deteriorating infrastructure

Katie Couric - Now I Get It - talking about America's Crumbling Infrastructure

Op-ed in The Hill (7/27/15) authored by Bob Stevens touting ASCE’s Game Changers report.

CNBC Closing Bell interview (5/13/15) with Brian Pallasch following the Philadelphia Amtrak derailment

Fix the Trust Fund national radio tour led by Andy Herrmann

  • Total listenership: 11.9 million
  • Total number of airings: 2,064
  • Number of stations airing: 1,814
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