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Recharging Groundwater with SWIFT

In Eastern Virginia, along with much of the US, groundwater is being drained faster than it can recharge. The Sustainable Water Initiative for Tomorrow, SWIFT, aims to re-balance this crucial natural resource. SWIFT is an innovative water treatment project changing the way water is recycled. The aim of this initiative is to take highly treated......

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Sustainable Natural Waste Management

Arlington County, Virginia’s Solid Waste Bureau handles a massive amount of yard waste each year, processing approximately 50,000 cubic yards of leaves alone. To handle these materials effectively, the county opened a new Earth Products Recycling Yard, which operates for residents of the country at no charge. The facility is designed to handle large amounts......

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highway: infrastructure review

Recycling Pavement

On a four-mile section of Virginia’s I-81, a major north-south freight corridor, the pavement was 43 years old, well past its intended design life, and heavier volumes of truck traffic were taking a toll. The Virginia Department of Transportation moved forward with a $10 million project that reused existing materials from the underlying road structure,......

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Robotic and Geospatial Screening Identifies Hot Spots

Researchers at Virginia Tech have developed a magic bus – they created a unique laboratory van with equipment and sensors for field data collection ready to see below the surface to water and wastewater pipes. The van is also equipped with computer, software, and generator. The robotic CCTV camera can be used for inspection of......

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