From Wastewater to Wetlands

Down in New Orleans officials are experimenting with how to restore decades of wetlands that have been lost due to rising salinity levels in the surrounding bayous. The Central Wetlands CIAP Wastewater Assimilation Project will provide fresh water and nutrient to reduce salinity and encourage plant growth by redirecting and reusing some treated wastewater and......

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Paths to Progress Program

With its narrow streets, numerous intersections, and high-speed vehicle traffic, historic Esplanade Avenue in New Orleans had become one of Louisiana’s most hazardous routes for pedestrians and cyclists. The Paths to Progress Program, a coordinated transportation improvement program between the Federal Highway Administration’s Louisiana Division Office, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and local agencies changed......

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Louisiana Saves Big with Levee Inspection System Overhaul

An outdated, non-functioning legacy software system made overseeing Louisiana’s flood protection infrastructure, which requires regular inspections and monitoring to prevent flood damage and risk, difficult and costly. In response, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development discarded the legacy program, which cost approximately $18,000 a year, in favor of a new mobile system to more......

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Plan for the Future, Not the Past

In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina unleashed an 18-foot storm surge with 7-foot waves, overpowering the Mississippi River–Gulf Outlet and Gulf Intercoastal Waterway and causing the collapse of a 4,000-foot-long section of the floodwall along Louisiana’s Inner Harbor Navigation Canal (IHNC). Following the widespread devastation in the region, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers set out......

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Handling Increased Cargo with Containers on Barge

Increased congestion on the highways coupled with a high volume of container traffic led the Port of Greater Baton Rouge and the Port of New Orleans to look to inland water transportation to move cargo. The two ports are coordinating their efforts to bring a container on barge service to the Lower Mississippi River. Many......

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